Wang zi and gui gui dating

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i do home they will more projects in the seems the host is confusing them with some questions that are not on the script..zi is cool to answer hehehe gui gui missed.still love them... thanks for the enlightenment....actually, i'm almost giving up on him before...but, after i watched BSM....i suddenly regained my hope and said "JIA YOU!!!! there was a cute scene where the emperor asked if Gui Gui &Wang Zi had fallen in love with each other...they were just smiling all through-out...(i think they're guilty!!!!

thanks for the subbed version of the new year's special guiwang are so adorable and hilarious... Also.episode 13 (BSM) Gui Gui put her head on Wang Zi's shoulder and looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

but in the end once the reunite guiwang would have the most adorablest baby ever ( : !

but if you want me to like make you an avatar could you like upload the pictures you want ? i think that u 2 will make a perfect couple like guiwang n will be 2gether cause golden boy & jade maiden(金童玉女 jin tong yu nv)means PERFECT COUPLE in the chinese legends!!!!!! and then at like the endingguiwang would have a guiwang baby (: socute ! and then that would be a good thing .because the more jealous it shows how cute guiwangare (: ! gui gui should like be the surpriseactress but then she comes at the beginning at themovie though (: and then guiwang would have like longerinteractions together . watching people cry makes me want to cry too about rong jia like crying because she wouldnt seeah weis tornado is funny though .

(: & i know guiwangshould have like tons of movies together to show how much of a good couple they are (: and thenfans [from other couples with wang zi/guigui] wouldlike get jealous .

but wang zi shouldn't worry...because gui gui will be on his side....(i hope so...)and i almost forget to say something: WELCOME TO ALL NEWBIES!!!

or something like that (: .countdown : 5 more posts (: ! GUI GUI and WANG ZI's LOVE STORY....that's why i was really attracted to this cute couple...the difference is.....i still don't have a happy ending!!!! wang zi must learning piano beacause he's intimidated by aaron!!!! Also, Wang Zi's going to propose & Gui Gui's going to accept it.

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